About the Ministry

About the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the Federal Republic of Somalia

The Ministry of Fisheries Marine Resources was established with the aim to enhance fisheries and marine resources sector, visibility streamline decision-making so that it is more responsive and proactive in facilitating the suitable development of the fisheries.

The Ministry is mandated to create an enabling environment for sustainable development of coastal fishing economy and food security while conserving the fishing ecosystem along the Somalia coastline and territorial waters and protecting the coastal communities. 


Sustainable fisheries development for economic growth and food security in Somalia


To provide an enabling environment for the promotion of sustainable development of the fisheries sector and development of Somalia blue economy for socioeconomic development and food security.

Core Values

The core values of the Ministry of Fisheries Development in Federal Government of Somalia include;

  1. Integrity & professionalism
  2. Innovation and Creativity
  3. Investor Focus
  4. Transparency & honesty
  5. Patriotism & respect for humanity
  6. Teamwork
  7. Good Governance

Core Functions

  1. Development of the FGS Fisheries Sector
  2. Establishment of policies and regulations for fisheries development
  3. Undertake Research to inform decisions in the fisheries sector
  4. Support promotion of fish as a food security enhancing commodity in FGS
  5. Develop local and international market for Somalia Fishermen
  6. Grow the FGS Blue Ocean economy
  7. Promote conservation of Marine ecosystem
  8. Support development of Coastal communities by ensuring they benefit form fishing activities.


  1. Develop policies and regulations governing the development of the Fisheries development in FGS
  2. Marine economy development
  3. Develop Artisan fishermen training programmes for FGS
  4. Conservation of coastal fisheries ecosystem
  5. Undertaking fisheries research to guide sustainable harvesting of fish in Somalia territorial waters.
  6. Developing coastal communities
  7. Licensing international boats involved in Somalia territorial waters
  8. Developing budgets and workplans to guide fisheries development activities in FGS.
  9. Creating international markets for the Somalia fishing industry.
  10. Fisheries industry development in Somalia for value addition
  11. Recruiting and management of professionals in fisheries sector development
  12. Stakeholder management framework development and implementation
  13. International blue economy conventions review and ratification.
  14. Establishing fisheries development projects and programmes for private and public sector actors.
  15. Representation of FGS in international fisheries development conventions and conferences.
  16. Develop fisheries cooperatives to enhance financing of fishermen and market creation.