Licenses & Registrations

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources’ managing for the issue of licenses, collection of licensing and penalty revenues, enforcement and anti-IUU measures, research, conservation and environmental protection.

  1. Download the list of vessels with fishing licenses
  2. Download a sample fishing licenses
  3. Fees Collected, and Broken Down By Individual Licenses
  4. Download the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which contains the following information:
    • Annex 1: License Application
    • Annex 2: License Condition
    • Annex 3: Fishing license
    • Annex 4: Minimum Information to be recorded in the logbook (IOTC resolution 15/01)
    • Annex 5: Ministry‚Äôs contact, payment and account information
    • Annex 6: Vessel Monitoring System
    • Annex 7: List of vessels covered by this MoU
    • Annex 8: License Fee Structure